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Beyond LASIK and PRK

EVO Visian ICL: Discovering Vision Correction Alternatives of 2024


If you've ever been told that LASIK, PRK, or other forms of laser vision correction aren't suitable for you, you're not alone. Many individuals with high prescriptions, thin corneas, or chronic dry eyes have faced the same setback. But, it doesn't mean the end of the road for achieving clear vision without glasses or contacts.

Walking Down the Aisle with Clear Vision

Walking Down the Aisle with Clear Vision


Read Cami's LASIK Story, where she reflects on her year after LASIK with Dr. Benjamin. From initial hesitations due to dry eyes to achieving 20/15 vision, her journey is nothing short of miraculous. She shares how the treatment changed her life, including walking down the aisle with clear vision! 💍

LASIK consultation guide

Virtual vs. In-Person: Your Comprehensive LASIK Consultation Guide


When considering LASIK surgery, the initial consultation is a pivotal step in your journey to clearer vision. At Benjamin Eye Institute, we offer both in-person and virtual LASIK consultations to ensure you receive comprehensive guidance, irrespective of your preference or location. So, what can you expect from each of these consultation types?

Mixed Astigmatism

Mixed Astigmatism and the Revolution of Laser Vision Correction


Astigmatism, in its simplest form, is an imperfection in the curvature of the cornea or lens, causing blurred or distorted vision. But not all astigmatisms are created equal. Among the various types, mixed astigmatism stands out as particularly challenging to correct.

Navigating the LASIK Timeline

Navigating the LASIK Timeline at Benjamin Eye Institute


Are you considering LASIK to bid farewell to glasses and contacts and embrace the world with clear vision? At Benjamin Eye Institute, we understand that the LASIK journey is a significant decision, and we're here to provide you with a succinct and comprehensive timeline of what you can expect during the LASIK procedure at our renowned institute.

Cataract and Dry Eye Experts

Discover a Clearer Future with a Free LASIK Consultation at Benjamin Eye Institute


If you've ever dreamed of life unencumbered by the daily frustrations of glasses or contact lenses, LASIK could be your answer. With the advent of all-laser LASIK, the procedure is now even more precise, safer, and customizable than ever before. Yet, LASIK is not the ideal solution for everyone.

To assess your suitability for LASIK, a comprehensive evaluation with our esteemed surgeon, Dr. Arthur Benjamin, is essential. During your initial visit, our expert LASIK team, including our skilled technicians and Dr. Benjamin himself, will provide personalized evaluation and guidance.

LASIK surgery at BEI

Discover the Life-Changing Power of LASIK at Benjamin Eye Institute!


Imagine the freedom of crisp, clear vision without the burden of glasses or contacts. LASIK has the potential to transform your life, and at Benjamin Eye Institute, we have witnessed its remarkable impact on countless patients. Join us on a journey of discovery as we unveil the inspiring stories of individuals whose lives were changed by LASIK.

How to Choose your LASIK Surgeon


Choosing a LASIK surgeon is not an easy task. You only have one pair of eyes after all. At Benjamin Eye Institute, we pride ourselves on offering the state-of-the-art technology and exceptional surgical skills of Dr. Benjamin. Read more to see what makes our practice stand out!




Flapless LASIK is a term used for any laser vision correction procedure that does not involve the creation of a corneal flap. The flap has been found to be the root cause of most LASIK-related complications, so removing it increases the safety of the procedure and eliminates many risks. This procedure is also commonly known as PRK.



The first few weeks after LASIK are an exciting time. Your vision is back! Now, help keep it intact by following our “Life After LASIK” guidelines and aftercare instructions.

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