Sospiri Eyewear: The Luxury Italian Brand Behind Our New Sparkling Collection

Published: 2023-05-24

Sospiri eyewear is truly a work of art, made with the highest level of craftsmanship and materials. And now, we are excited to announce that we have the brand new sparkling Sospiri collection just arrived fresh from Venezia to our Optical Boutique.

Sospiri Eyewear: The Luxury Italian Brand Behind Our New Sparkling Collection

Named after the famous Bridge of Sighs in Venice, Sospiri literally means "breathtaking" - and that is precisely what this brand is all about. Sospiri frames and sunglasses are crafted with the utmost attention to detail and designed to impress even the most discerning fashion lovers.

100% of the production of Sospiri frames and sunglasses takes place in the Veneto region of Italy, in a small town northeast of Venice. The frames are made with all Italian components, with the exception of Swarovski crystals from Austria. The materials used include Mazzucchelli acetates, light metals, and other unique artistic embellishments. The lenses are also of the highest quality, made with Zeiss branded CR-39 lenses.

What sets Sospiri sunglasses apart is their design, which is inspired by the luxury and elegance of Venice. The standard models are produced in batches of 100 pieces, ensuring a lengthy polishing and finishing process, while limited editions are produced in batches of 50 pieces. Each frame is numbered at the temple tip, adding to the exclusivity of the brand.

Sospiri debuts 12-15 new designs per year, timed around MIDO and SILMO International Exhibitions, with each frame coming in 7-9 colors. From the initial prototype to the final product, new models take approximately 120 days to make.

The centerpiece of Sospiri sunglasses is undoubtedly the genuine Swarovski crystals that adorn each frame. Sospiri utilizes the largest variety in size and coloration of Swarovski crystals available in the market, with most Sospiri pieces having anywhere between 300-600 crystals, and some limited editions having over 970 crystals! Each crystal is pyramid-backed and inserted using a divot system, and priority is always given to keeping them intact, protected, and maintained from the point of design through as long as the customer would like to wear their frame.

Sospiri Eyewear was founded in 2004 by Riccardo Lamon, a native of Italy’s Veneto region. The vision behind Sospiri was to create the most beautiful and well-crafted frames in the world, and that vision has been realized in every frame produced by the brand.

Treat yourself or a loved one to a pair of Sospiri frames or sunglasses and shine like a diamond. You can find our new sparkling collection at our Optical Boutique.

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