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Benjamin Eye Institute is a world class eye center with an intense focus on refractive surgery, cataract care and dry eye treatment. Our offices and LASIK suite are located in West Hollywood. Our outpatient surgery center is based in Beverly Hills.

Why settle for 20/20? Aim higher!

Safest and most precise - Laser-assisted cataract surgery (FLACS).

Our innovative dry eye treatments will make dry, gritty, red eyes a distant memory.

What to do in an eye emergency.


Dr. Arthur Benjamin, MD is one of the leading ophthalmic surgeons on the West Coast. Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology, he is well-known for exceptional accuracy of diagnosis, friendly and easy-going personality. In 25 years of practice, he has performed thousands of corneal refractive procedures and laser-assisted cataract surgeries. Dr. Benjamin always takes all the necessary time to answer your questions and address possible concerns, and will make every effort to achieve excellent results to make you a little (or even a lot) happier.




So much more than just glasses… A curated collection of frames from the world’s top designers. Handcrafted from the best materials, exclusive, and hard to find elsewhere. Expert fashion and technical advice. Premium quality lenses and coatings. All so you look and see your best.