The fastest way to great vision


Dr. Benjamin makes a flap in the cornea with a femtosecond laser, then reshapes your cornea with an excimer laser, correcting refractive errors. After that, the flap is replaced and smoothed, and the natural healing process begins.


Different parts of the eye surface have different prescriptions. That is why when choosing glasses, patients reach the point when it is hard to tell which lens is better. The reason for that is that you look through one area of ​​the eye at one point, and through another area of the eye at a different time.

The prescription for glasses or contact lenses is one for all, that is an average for prescriptions in the center of the eye, on the side and below. LASIK corrects corneal errors on the entire surface. If you are nearsighted and/or have astigmatism, we have a 99% chance that you will see 20/20 if you get LASIK with us.

Do you want to see even better? That’s totally possible! To make that happen, we need to make the most accurate measurements of refractive errors. We give a 95% chance that you will reach 20/15, and a 90% chance that you will become 20/10. This means that you will see small letters that would seem to you like dots even wearing glasses with the best prescription for you.