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LASIK has been around for over 30 years. Recent technological advances have taken it to new heights. LASIK today in Los Angeles can offer you levels of clarity that were unimaginable just 5 years ago.

Twenty years ago, the value proposition of LASIK was to "reduce dependence" on glasses and contact lenses. That meant: get LASIK and you may be able to drive without using glasses or contacts. By using today's LASIK technology, we can safely treat higher order aberrations (imperfections in the visual system) that glasses and contacts simply cannot correct. As a result, you can often see better after LASIK than you could with even glasses or contacts before. It is not uncommon for patients to have a 20/15 or even a 20/10 following the procedure. With such vision, even the smallest details can be seen at a great distance.

Some even argue that because the technology is so safe and predictable, patients with 20/20 vision should undergo laser surgery to achieve the superhuman 20/10 vision. For the record, we do not support this idea.



    Our focus will be on the smallest details that make your eyes unique. Our team has everything we need for this: latest software, most sophisticated machines, and years of experience.

    LASIK is awesome, but it isn't for everyone. We are not just another LASIK only center, where everyone is a “great candidate for LASIK.“ During you complimentary LASIK consultation we will determine your candidacy for the procedure, by examining and scanning your cornea, evaluating your eyes for dryness, checking the stability of your prescription and reviewing your health. There is a 70 % chance LASIK is the solution for you.

However, if you are one of the 30% of patients for whom our analysis indicates that LASIK is not the best choice for you, do not be discouraged! There are plenty of other options are available to you. Dr. Benjamin is more than just an experienced LASIK surgeon. He is an expert cataract and lens-based surgeon. We offer other surgical options such as VISIAN ICL or lens exchange procedures.


    Temperature and humidity fluctuations greatly affect laser performance. If the building air conditioning is turned off at night or on the weekends, a perfectly calibrated laser may not stay that way. These wide temperature fluctuations can and do cause mirrors, switches, oscillators, and modulators to go out of alignment. Therefore, we have an independently air-conditioned lasik suite in which the temperature is always maintained at 69 degrees Fahrenheit.

Corneal response to laser pulses will vary with ambient temperature AND humidity fluctuations. That is why our state of the art climate control system that doesn’t just maintain constant temperature but humidity as well. Temperature of 69 and humidity of 72%.

Tightly controlling both temperature and humidity in the operating room 24/7 results in more consistent and predictable results. Consistency means fewer enhancements are needed, and that makes for ecstatic patients and happy doctors!