Dry Eye Treatment



We begin with an eye scan (Lipiscan), which evaluates the state of your glands.

The LipiFlow method, which we offer among other solutions, is a genuine innovation in ophthalmology. If the function of the gland located at the eyelid edges is impaired, its secretions thicken. This causes clotting in the eye drainage system and results in dryness. The gland itself is not able to create enough pressure to push through these clots.

The LipiFlow device heats the eyelid so that the clots melt and the gland is decanted. The procedure is absolutely safe and is associated with zero risk. It is FDA-approved and provides long lasting relief from dry eyes.

OptiLight by Lumenis is another non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment option. Being based on precise pulses of light, it treats inflammation, such as rosacea, that leads to dry eyes. OptiLight greatly improves meibomian gland function and tear quality.

We do both of these procedures, which work great together and give a rejuvenating effect, right in our office. First, Dr. Benjamin opens up and cleans your glands with Lipiflow, and then eliminates further plugging up with OptiLight. The goal of treatment is to bring you back to the time when you were not in need of drops or warm compresses to deal with dry eyes. Check out the list of Dry Eye Treatment Options is Los Angeles.