Varilux XR: Empowering Your Eyes with AI-Powered Progressive Lenses

Published: 2023-09-12

In today's digitally connected world, our eyes are working harder than ever before, making over 100,000 movements a day to process information while on the go. At Benjamin Eye Institute's Optical Boutique, we are thrilled to introduce Varilux XR, a groundbreaking varifocal lens designed to respond to the evolution in our vision.

Varilux XR: Empowering Your Eyes with AI-Powered Progressive Lenses

Powered by Artificial Intelligence, this lens understands how your eyes truly move, providing instant sharpness in motion and seamless switches from near to far distances.

Made to Support Natural Eye Movement:

Eye movement is multi-directional, but standard varifocal lenses are designed to support linear eye movement, which can make it challenging for eyes to change focus rapidly. Varilux XR series lenses are different—they respond to the natural movement of your eyes, delivering a more natural and comfortable vision experience. Developed with artificial intelligence using 1 million data points from eyeglass wearers, Varilux XR lenses can predict everyone's visual behavior, ensuring a personalized and optimized lens for your specific visual needs.

Instant Sharpness and Seamless Transitions:

Varilux XR lenses provide instant sharpness even when you're in motion. Whether you're multitasking throughout the day or engaging in physical activities, these lenses maintain crisp focus, allowing you to see clearly at all distances. With Varilux XR, you can experience seamless transitions from near to far, enabling you to switch effortlessly between different visual tasks without any visual discomfort.

Unmatched Visual Performance and Adaptability:

We are proud to share that 97% of wearers who have tried Varilux XR lenses reported better overall vision compared to their current high-end progressive lenses. Furthermore, an impressive 95% of wearers adapted to the lenses from the very first day, highlighting the immediate benefits and ease of transition. Varilux XR lenses utilize three exclusive Essilor technologies to ensure superior visual performance:

  1. XR-motion™: This technology optimizes both lenses according to your prescription and your predicted visual behavior, providing a more fluid and sharp vision experience.
  2. Nanoptix®: By smoothing distortion at the periphery of the lens, Nanoptix® minimizes the unbalancing 'swim' sensation often experienced in dynamic situations, such as walking up or down stairs.
  3. Xtend®: Xtend® blends the near and intermediate zones of the lens, offering clear vision at arm's length, which is particularly useful for various daily activities.

At Benjamin Eye Institute's Optical Boutique, we believe that your visual experience should adapt to the demands of your modern lifestyle. Varilux XR, the first eye-responsive varifocal lens, offers a revolutionary solution for presbyopia, providing sharp and fluid vision, natural posture, and stabilized vision in demanding situations.