Be a Hero for Your Eyes This Solar Eclipse 2024

Published: 2024-04-06

A solar eclipse is an eye-catching event, but it can also be a life-changing event if you fail to practice eye safety while enjoying this celestial phenomenon. Wearing sunglasses is not enough to protect your eyes from damage while looking at the sun directly - you need to instead acquire a pair of eclipse glasses from a reputable seller.

Be a Hero for Your Eyes This Solar Eclipse 2024

On Monday, April 8, 2024, the total solar eclipse will cross North America, passing over Mexico, the United States, and Canada. While Los Angeles and West Hollywood are not in the path of the total solar eclipse, we will still be able to witness a partial eclipse. Dubbed ‘The Great North American Eclipse, this is said to be the last eclipse to be visible in this part of the world for the next twenty years. 

Even a partial eclipse is a fascinating phenomenon to witness but before you look up at the sun, make sure that you are using the appropriate sun protection and, no, this time we are not talking about sunglasses. 

What’s The Risk

Viewing the sun without sun protection even briefly, can cause irreversible damage to your eyes. There is no safe amount of time that you can view the sun without the appropriate eye protection. While the effects of direct sun viewing may not be immediately noticeable, they can be irreversible. 

How to Protect Your Eyes

The best way to protect your eyes during a solar eclipse is to practice good eye safety: 

Eclipse glasses: If you want to peek at the eclipse, make sure that you are wearing eclipse glasses- not just your regular sunglasses. You can purchase a pair online or check with your local optical store. 

Solar Filters for Binoculars and Telescopes: You absolutely need a solar filter to view the eclipse with your binoculars or telescope. If you already have a telescope or pair of binoculars, check to see if the filter was included. If not, you can acquire one at a local store or online. 

Alternative Viewing: You can safely view a video of the solar eclipse online. NASA will be broadcasting a telescope view of the solar eclipse that you can enjoy from your digital device. Do not attempt to film and view the eclipse yourself without adequate sun protection. 

You can also create a pinhole projector from a cardboard box and allow the sun to pass through- this is an indirect method of eclipse viewing. 

Tell a Friend

Make sure that your friends and family are aware of the risks and have a plan for safely viewing the solar eclipse. You never know when a timely bit of knowledge can save someone’s vision. 

I Looked at The Sun - What Do I Do?

If you accidentally look at the sun without sun protection, make sure to look away as fast as possible. The effects of sun damage on the eye are not always apparent immediately but it’s a good idea to book an eye exam with your eye doctor just in case - especially if you have not been checked in a while. 

At Benjamin Eye Institute, our trained team is able to diagnose and treat a variety of eye conditions including those caused by unprotected sun exposure. Visit us today and remember to practice good eclipse safety!

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