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  • Police Officer
    I had my surgery done 3 weeks ago and conducted two follow-up exams, and I must say that I am overwhelmed with gratitude toward these people.
  • 41
    I lived most of my life thinking I would never see well. I was legally blind, a -23 in one eye and -21 in the other. I couldn't see more than an inch in front of me. Then I found out about a procedure called ICL. I spent a lot of time researching doctors, as this was a significant surgery. Once I discussed the procedure with Dr. B I knew he would be the one to perform it. He informed me of all my options and made sure I had all the necessary knowledge. He never pressured me, and let me make all my own choices. He was light hearted and made me feel relaxed.
  • Office manager, HCG consultant, laser technician
    I never knew how much more enjoyable life can be without having to reach for the glasses.
  • Eye Surgeon having LASIK surgery
    Eye Surgeon
    It felt like I was born again. LASIK changed my life as a patient and as a doctor.
  • Leisha Hailey, Actress The L Word on having LASIK at Benjamin Eye Institute
    Actress (The L Word)
    I did my research and proud of my decision. Dr Benjamin is not only a true professional, but also a caring and honest person.