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Pentacam HR


The Pentacam® is a device that consists of a slit illumination system and a Scheimpflug camera which rotates around the eye. 

Scheimpflug Camera

During the 2 second, non-contact examination, the device swivels around the eye to make its highly precise measurements.   The 50 sectional images generated yield 138,000 unique elevation values. 

The subsequent computer analysis of the three-dimensional measurements is used to produce a precise geometric description of the front segment of the eye.  These data are used to generate elevation maps of the front and back corneal surfaces, iris, and crystalline lens, as well as corneal thickness and depth of the anterior chamber in the form of easily interpretable color maps.

Pentacam Display


The Pentacam® is the only instrument on the market able to perform such a precise and complete measurement and analysis  and include the center of the cornea.  The rotating measurement principle avoids measurement errors that would result from horizontal scanning.  Due to the radial orientation of the sectional images the density of data points is at its greatest at the center.

The complex software allows the doctor to see whether there is a real risk of corneal ectasia that could  result from refractive surgery. 

The device also helps us calculate power of the IOL implant for  patients who have had LASIK in the past and are now planning to have cataract surgery. 

Pentacam Test

What all this means to you as a patient is that in the form of the Pentacam we probably have the best diagnostic instrument available today for the pre and post operative management of refractive surgery patients. 

Pentacam Los Angeles

Mayka performing testing using our in-office Pentacam HR