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Reception Manager

Born and raised in Kiev, Ukraine into a family of multilingual doctors, Victoria became interested in medical science and foreign languages in early childhood.  As she matured, foreign languages became not only her hobby, but her major at the University. During University years Victoria won a full scholarship from Japan Ministry of Education to study at Ryukyu’s University in Okinawa, Japan.   Victoria is fluent in Japanese and knows close to 5000 kanji characters, not a small feat even by Japanese standards.  After graduation from Kiev National Linguistic University, Victoria moved to Los Angeles.  Victoria loves travelling, reading and spending time with her friends.


Victoria can help you with:

  • Scheduling/rescheduling your appointment
  • Welcoming you and checking you in during your visit
  • Checking you out at completion of your visit
  • Arranging referrals to specialists as needed
  • Scheduling your next appointment
  • Providing you with copies of your medical records when needed
  • Filling out necessary forms, such as DMV form
  • Scheduling and coordinating surgery
  • Pre and post operative patient instructions
  • Medication/Glasses prescriptions
  • Arranging for transportation for your visit

Victoria, our Reception Manager, greets all of our patients with a warm, welcoming smile; she is the first person our patients see upon entering BEI, and she's often the last person they see just before leaving. It is Victoria's responsibility to schedule and configure appointments in order to minimize patient wait times.  Victoria has a knack for solving problems.  She will make sure that your visit to our office is smooth and uneventful.  She can help with insurance, transportation, pre- and postoperative instructions and calling in prescriptions.  She is the one that makes sure you get your birthday card on time.


Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Japanese 
  • Russian
  • Ukrainian

If you would like to contact Victoria, please write to: or simply call our office at 310.275.5533.