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Born in Russia and raised in California, Elen considers herself to be an Earthian and a citizen of the world. Ever since childhood she displayed an uncanny ability for language acquisition, expression of the written word and attention to detail.  These talents now come in handy in ensuring accurate reflection of your visit to BEI in the medical record.  

In her free time Elen meditates, attends seminars, meets with spiritual authors, and travels. She has a deep interest in philosophy, politics and issues affecting the globe.  She is passionate about  nature and beauty, music and dancing, reading and acquiring knowledge and wisdom from around the world. 

Elen can help with:

  • Transcribing medical records
  • Timely generation of consult reports
  • Generation of a paper record  from your electronic medical chart
  • Generation of reports and statements


During your visit, when you may have wondered who  who can possibly make sence of the torrent of words dictated by Dr. Benjamin into his dictaphone.  It is Elen, who makes sure that those spoken words of wisdom are transcribed into your electronic medical record in an accurate and timely fashion.  It's not an easy job, but there is no one better fit for it than our Elen.


Languages Spoken:

  • English
  • Russian

If you would like to contact Elen, please write to: